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Do you have a beautiful photo of yourself ?


If you don’t, then what are you waiting for ?

I can think of at least 10 reasons as to why one postpone being photographed. We wait and wait for that “right” time to do. However, If you’re waiting for the “perfect” set of circumstances, they may never come, if you’re waiting for tomorrow, that isn’t guaranteed either. Instead, why not be present and we can start designing a custom portrait session that celebrates who you are TODAY!


This is my Mami and I am so thankful that she agreed to this gorgeous portrait.

She cried when she saw herself…

Her photo is part of MY family’s legacy

Your outer beauty will capture the eyes

your inner beauty will capture the heart.
— Steven Aitchison
3 girls_012.jpg

I would love to do this for myself…

or give this as a gift…


I know posing for a portrait isn’t easy. I can make it better.


There are times in our lives when we need more than a selfie, more than a good snapshot, more than something useable. There are times in our lives when we need a portrait. An image that you planned, prepared, and got dressed for. It was optimized for the end result you need it for. You need this portrait to submit to work so they can place it next to your accomplishments on the company’s revamped website; for your start-up’s social media accounts, as a gift to yourself for reaching a personal goal, or for a dating website, as you start a new phase in life. You need a portrait of your family to hang over the mantle before Thanksgiving, of your children as they become young adults, after their high school graduation and as they receive their college degrees. You need a portrait of you and your husband as you celebrate empty-nesting. You need a portrait of your family because you’ve never had one of all of you together all looking forward! Finally, you need portraits to become heirlooms, family legacy that will seal these photos in your family’s history for generations to come.

I understand how being photographed isn’t easy. You feel completely vulnerable and on display. I can help remove all of those blocks by helping you design your portrait session and by guiding and posing you all the way through. We’ll talk and plan and you can customize it all the way to the end product.

Every time you walk by the print on your wall in your home or open the portrait box on your coffee table or look on your website and see your portrait, you can smile at how amazing it looks, how amazing it felt and how YOU made it happen.

I’m here whenever you’re ready…




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